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B2B Services
Swiftly is a global technology company that supports insurance MGAs, MGUs, Coverholders and Carriers in the following areas:
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Swiftly maintains an ecosystem of secure, cloud-based proprietary technologies that enable the seamless, customer-friendly and cost-efficient operation and administration of Life & Annuity and Property & Casualty insurance, including pricing and rating systems, ERM systems, call-center operations software, claims administration software, transaction-level banking + accounting reconciliation software, and clearinghouse technology.
Program Support
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Swiftly can assist clients in their design, implementation and administration of insurance products and programs. Services include a la carte staff and administrative support, white-labelling of Swiftly technology, actuarial and machine learning-enabled data mining, as well as full-spectrum program support, akin to an "MGA-in-a-box", under a client's license and authority to conduct business as an MGA, MGU, coverholder, insurance carrier or agent.
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Swiftly can procure, provide and maintain clients physical infrastructure, as well as instantly scalable secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure. Services include round-the-clock network security, and blue team/red team data defense.
Products Currently Supported
Small Business Professional Lines
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Exempt Commercial Purchasers
Hotel & Resort Property Insurance
Office Tower & Other Commercial Property
Apartment, Condo & Co-Op Master Policy
Other Small Business Insurance
Businessowners' Policy (BOP) - Tenants
Office Policies (i.e. Owner's BOP)
Fidelity & Crime Insurance
Fidelity Bonds
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About Swiftly
Swiftly is a global technology company, focused on insurance. Swiftly's end-to-end proprietary technology ecosystem was built to support clients in seamlessly operating and administering their insurance business with next-generation service efficiencies. Swiftly specializes in helping to solve many of the insurance industry's most complex technical and operational challenges, including the development and use of context-based level-3 artificial intelligence.
Swiftly is comprised of a diverse and talented multi-national team of subject matter experts, working collaboratively to redefine how technology can support insurance in the 21st century.

Swiftly is led by its co-founders, who share nearly 50 years of experience in technology, insurance & reinsurance between them, including approximately 20 years as entreprenuer / CEOs.